Design Challenge
Prize is $250 cash
For the Design Challenge, we want to have the teams design mindfulness app for students between the ages 16 – 25 years (teens to young adult) of age for novice and experience users. The design choices is how to design the application to accommodate both new (novice) as well as experienced persons that mediate.

Additional background
Novice User: Individual is not familiar with mindfulness and mindfulness meditation or how to do it. For novice meditation, they will need to get a series of introductory videos (5 videos of 5-10 minute) to introduce them to mindfulness.

Experience User: Individuals with experience and understanding of the benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. For experience, they should be able to go directly to other meditation features but have option to access training sessions if they want.

Features of the Application: training (e.g., videos or multimedia, slides) on how to meditate, guided meditation progress, virtual sessions, and anything else you think.

We would like to see the design concept or idea behind how to layout the home screen and first click to next level. We want the design to be different than existing apps such as Calm, Headspace, and Buddhify.
Things to cover:
- Home page and first level theme
- Increase engagement and continue use
What is the best approach design to present these choices to the two levels of users?
Challenge Help
Don't afraid to ask any judge to review your design or presentation.
We encourage you to ask questions about the challenge to the dedicated expert. The same expert will judge your solution and decide who is the winner of this challenge.

Dedicated telegram group for QA about this challenge is:
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