Design Challenge
Prize is Icons8 subscription, worth of ~$200. For each team member.
Show how the predictive design tool would work. We are looking for practical ideas for the future design instrument. Check out some concepts from Icons8 and come up with your own
Lunacy Concept #7: Lock width right on the canvas.
Lunacy Concept #6: Select an Object to get alternative styles:
Lunacy concept #3: On canvas properties.
Lunacy concepts 2: Rectangles.
1. When you finish drawing a rectangle, all your properties are at hand #fittslaw
2. Width and position look different. I can't count how many times people confused width with X during the usability studies.
3. Moreover, position is way less useful than size so it's smaller.
4. Same for fills vs borders: they must look different so people don't confuse them.
5. There's no sense in typing the border width. It's one of a few values usually. So we have the presets.
6. When you use different values, we remember them so you have the history of the border width on the right.
7. Same for corner radius.
Challenge Help
Don't afraid to ask any judge to review your design or presentation.

We encourage you to ask questions about the challenge to the dedicated expert. The same expert will judge your solution and decide who is the winner of this challenge.
Important: Ivan will be available only via Telegram Channel: - jump here and talk.
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