Design Challenge
Prize is Sympli license, worth of ~$200. For a team.
Concept of Open Source Design Projects

Imagine a world where designers can contribute to open source projects like Mattermost or GitLab just the way developers do today.

Potentially, open source design projects could dramatically improve the quality of open source products, build new design communities, and enable designers to participate in global projects.

What would be your take on open source design project collaboration?
It's your time to collaboratively shine!
Present a concept and a few wireframes to be a part of this challenge.
Challenge Help
Don't afraid to ask any judge to review your design or presentation.

We encourage you to ask questions about the challenge to the dedicated expert. The same expert will judge your solution and decide who is the winner of this challenge.

Dedicated telegram group for QA about this challenge is:
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About Sympli
Avoid frictions around design process in cross functional teams.
Get well organized, clear and trackable workflow around software design and development

Connect and improve what you have
Best in class integration with design and development tools. Design specification which handles all kinds of components.

Get single source of truth with transparent history of changes by multiple people.
Advanced version control with branching for design deliverables and diff tool.

Enterprise grade security
SSO, Public and Private cloud, On premise environment, Webhooks, Custom domains.
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