Design Challenge
Prize is UXPressia and Academy licenses, worth of ~$500. For each team member.
How might we redesign a dashboard?
Dashboard it is the main screen where a customer lands after login or registration.
On the dashboard, a customer can:
  • Navigate to the specific course;
  • Download freebies;
  • Find her certificates of completion;
  • etc.
A dashboard is a place where the business sells (up/cross-sell) its courses and other learning materials.

You can sign up here and test it.
There is only one course at the moment.

In a month there will be two additional courses:
  • "CJM Professional" certification. Paid.
  • "CJM for features prioritization" email marathon. Free.
Important! If the customer enrolls in the "CJM Professional" certification, she will automatically receive access to the "CJM Fundamentals" course. This course is included in the certification program.

Keep in mind that in six months the number of courses will double.
My certificates
Customer can get a certificate for each course.
Useful resources
Customer can download some materials right after registration. But some of them are only available on course completion.

Important! As there is only one paid course available, here a customer can find a coupon for 1 month of the UXPressia PRO plan. When new courses will be rolled out, the customer will get a coupon for each paid course.
Challenge Help
Don't afraid to ask any judge to review your design or presentation.
We encourage you to ask questions about the challenge to the dedicated expert. The same expert will judge your solution and decide who is the winner of this challenge.

Dedicated telegram group for QA about this challenge is:
Founder of UXPressia
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