Design Challenge
Prize is amazing weather station, worth of ~$250
How might we amplify the All-Season Mountain Resorts experience by providing relevant weather information and safety alerts?
Challenge Help
Don't afraid to ask any judge to review your design or presentation.
We encourage you to ask questions about the challenge to the dedicated expert. The same expert will judge your solution and decide who is the winner of this challenge.

Dedicated telegram group for QA about this challenge is:
Product Manager at WeatherBug
Natalie enjoys discussing all things digital product design and development. She started her career as a software engineer and later she shifted her focus to project/product management, business analysis, UX research, and design.

She believes UX design process saves the company's money by shifting focus from expensive software building into fast and cheap product concept testing to discover valuable, viable and usable product offerings.
WeatherBug keeps people up-to-date and prepared.

Weather affects everyone and everything, beginning with the clothes we put on to the type of activities we choose to engage in.

We enable our users to make weather and lifestyle influenced decisions with hyperlocal reports and alerts for nearly any location on accuracy.
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