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Design Challenge
For the Design Challenge, we are asking teams to design a quick and efficient approach to food logging for pregnant mothers who have gestational diabetes.

These women are usually between the ages of 25 – 40 years old. They are required to log their meals every day and share the information (photos and/or text) with their doctors and care teams. Currently, women are having trouble with logging their meals with challenges such as forgetting, finding the process cumbersome, or not motivated to log.

We are looking for innovative design and concepts that will make the actual logging process quick and easy as well as clever ways to motivate mothers to log their food intake, such as rewards or positive feedback.

Additional background

Gestational Diabetes: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), defined as any degree of glucose intolerance with onset during pregnancy, affects up to 270,000 pregnancies in the United States each year. The recommended treatment for GDM includes logging blood glucose levels 4 times a day: this means pricking their fingers for a blood glucose count upon waking and 1 hour after each meal. GDM women need to follow a diet with limited carbohydrates: for instance, 1/3 cup of rice or ½ cup pasta is a good portion compared to the normal full size. In addition, they must walk (after meals) and/or do regular physical activity. The food logs are shared with their doctors to help mothers have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Features of the Application: Ability to quickly log their meals 3 times, any motivational approaches to help them log their meals, anything to help moms remember to log the food before they eat it. Any clever ways to log by voice command if they forget. Any clever ways to offer rewards for logging meals. Plus, any techniques to make it fun or easy to log or any other ideas you may have!

We would like to see the design concept or idea behind how to layout the food capturing. We want the design to be different than existing food-logging apps such as Noom, Weight Watchers, etc.

Things to cover:
- Home page and first-level theme
- Increase engagement and motivation to use the app to capture their food intake
- Designs to make food logging easier and more fun

What is the best design approach to engage these mothers to log their meal every day for about 3 months?
Challenge Q&A
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