Design Challenge
We challenge you to create an engaging onboarding for Lunacy.

What we have now is a basic welcome guide inside. You see it when you open the software for the first time. We'd like to improve the whole process and make our new users fall in love with Lunacy.

Lunacy is a graphic design software with built-in icons, illustrations, photos and some cool AI-powered tools like smart upscaler, background remover and avatar generator.

Most of our users are professional designers. And some occasional users who are non-professional designers like social media managers, bloggers, software developers.

Download Lunacy (Windows)

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Challenge Q&A
About Icons8
Icons8 allows designers to express their ideas giving the right design elements at the right time.

everybody is full of creativity until they get bored and distracted.

to deliver the content before designers even think about it.

Icons8 will bring a challenge about the future of design.
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