Design Challenge
For our challenge, we’d like you to build out the onboarding process for a smart collar solution for dog owners.

Smart dog collars enable owners to track the real-time location and activity of their dogs. The collar is chew-proof, water-proof, and just generally dog proof. Owners can use Bluetooth to easily connect to the collar and set up their account via a native app on their phone. The collar utilizes GPS technology to track the dog’s location and stays charged for up to 4 months. Users can recharge the collar via usb port.

Some App Feature Ideas
  • Owners can set a geofence around their house, dog parks, and more, marking them as safe areas for their dog to roam freely
  • Owners can receive alerts when their dog exits one of these geofences, alerting them immediately that their dog may have escaped
  • Owners can track the real time location of their dog, quickly finding their dog if they have escaped.
  • Owners can create a profile for their dog
  • Owners can view dog activity and health stats, similar to Apple’s health app tracking for steps per day

If you have other feature ideas or concepts, we’d love to see them! Feel free to go beyond the onboarding process or create new features in your exploration :)
Challenge Q&A
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