Design Challenge
Tilda gives the ability to create beautiful websites without coding. We have a lot of users already, but we are always working on our onboarding process and want to make it better.

For us, it's very important how each user spends the first 30 minutes on our platform. We fight for a conversion. So we want users to come, understand how Tilda is working, and stay with us.

Sometimes we do research about new users, and now we suggest you perform such research. So the task is:

  1. Perform research to find out what are good and bad parts (users face them) during the first 30 minutes, starting from the home landing page to registration and working with Tilda platform.
  2. Build a customer journey map. Feel free to apply other research tools you think would be a good fit in that case.
  3. Evaluate user's satisfaction during each step with notes about users' issues on each one of them. Pay attention to things that could increase the chances of dropping out.
  4. Suggest a solution (interface change, service design change, etc.) to improve the onboarding process to increase the conversion to a successfully published project on Tilda
Challenge Q&A
About Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing is a platform for creating websites, online stores or landing pages.

Tilda is based on a modular editor. Creating a website in Tilda is similar to a game — choose a template from over 500 ready-made blocks in 27 categories. Then simply add up blocks, change their content and publish your website straight away.

Tilda allows you to create professional-level web projects without code. All basic blocks are already adaptive, so your website will look great on any device.

Tilda is optimized for SEO and can be integrated with different services. It is a complete platform for professional businesses
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