Design Challenge
Here at UXPressia, we launched a chatbot that helps people to dive into different interview techniques and practice them all.

The Customer Interview Chatbot introduces you to (or reminds you of) different interview techniques and helps to practice them online, at any time, and from any device.

Your task is to redesign the onboarding flow. The goal of user onboarding is to get the users to understand the key principles at the heart of the chatbot and to show them how it will improve their lives. If it can make the point of the chatbot clear and easy to understand the first time a user tries it, have a better chance of gaining excited and engaged customers.

When the onboarding should end – it's all up to you. Here are some restrictions to consider:

1. It's important to force users to sign up both for business and users (it will help to save their progress).

2. We can't change the implementation of the login process now.

3. It's highly important to force users to spread the word about the chatbot (share on social media) during the onboarding process.
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