Design Challenge
Redesign the header of Zeitcaster's main product page to give users a better understanding of the context of the data they are looking at. (

Solution should include:
+ Date. Current date by default. User can choose date from next 7/30 days.
+ Location. User's current location or location from address book/saved search. Bonus points for letting a user change their current location.
+ User selected search/filter options. Event Category, Event Type (in-person, live stream), Age Group, Price will all have clickable badges.
+ User should be able to exclude events based on clickable badges.

This page is also our search results page so it should be able to display the results from

Solution should work on desktop and mobile.

We think it would be right to start from interview with potential users and building user journey map. Solutions with proper research evidence will have higher points during the evaluation.
Challenge Q&A
About ZeitCaster
When's the last time planning felt easy?
  • It's a rainy day — our go-to park isn't an option.
  • We have a spontaneous night on the town, sans kids!
  • My mother-in-law decided to make a last-minute visit…
  • We're headed to a new place and have no clue where to find the best insider information.
It was these situations — and more — that led to the creation of Zeitcaster: A location-based library of events for all ages and interests, tailored to what you need right now.

At Zeitcaster, our mission is simple:
We help people connect to the events and communities surrounding them.

Whether you're getting tired of doing the same old activities on repeat, or you're thrown into an unexpected situation, we built Zeitcaster for the planner who loves to be in-the-know, is curious about new experiences, tends to plan for several friends and family members…and has little time to bring it all together.

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