Design Hackathon
Enough UX theories. Show UX results!
Design Hackathon
Design Hackathon
December 7, 2019, Saturday
← Everybody is a designer. Apply!
Accept the challenge and win the prize.
Design Hackathon
At Optoro's office near Metro Center Station
From 10:00 am till 6:00 pm
UX theories
UX result
UX theories
UX result
Registration for people without a team closes November 29, Friday
How it works
If you've never participated in a hackathon, this is the one to try! Because this unique event connects people and organizations in a friendly and creative way.
Register online
Every designer must to be in a team of 2-4 people. Register your team or ask to be added to a team. We will organize a meetup to build teams before the hackathon.
Come in person
Teams will check in by the morning at 10 am and present their demo in front of judges in the evening at 4 pm. You can get help on the spot from our experts.
Choose a challenge
The hackathon theme and all the challenges from partners will be revealed the night before the event.
You can choose any challenge or come up with a challenge yourself.
Win a challenge
If a design solution from your team ends up being the best, your team gets $1,000 cash the same night. Also, you can win a prize provided by our great partners if you pick a particular challenge or multiple.
These respectful organizations support our hackathon with challenges, prizes and experts, so you can have an interesting, productive and unforgettable time.
Judges will rank the solutions from teams by criteria: problem solving, user experience, aesthetics, presentation.
Vice President of Design at Optoro
Art Director at TravelBank
Senior User Experience & Interface Designer at Publicis Sapient
Digital Creative & Designer • Associate Creative Director at ISL • Corgi Lover
Visual Designer at
Navy Federal Credit Union
Digital Product Designer at Toptal • Podcast Host • Co-founder of District Creatives • Dragon Slayer
Senior UX Designer at AdventHealth
Design Director - Ecosystems at Capital One
Product Designer at CoStar Group
UX Designer at Brave UX
Sketch Ambassador • Co-founder of Omka.Games and Live Typing
Experts represent parters, and they will pick a winner of a challenge. A challenge winner gets a prize from a partner.
Program Director of
the Aquent Gymnasium
Director of Technology
at Aquent Gymnasium
Founder & CTO at
Founder and UX designer
at Icons8
Lead Product Designer
at Storyblocks
Academic Director of Aquent Gymnasium
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